News Flash – It’s hot Y’all

I began experiencing perimenopause at thirty-eight, and between then and fifty, I had roughly five hot flashes. Nothing intense. Then the beginning month of my 50th birthday, they started to rain on my body, day and night. I was like, WTF?

However, in pure Dixie curious fashion, I did nothing because it was important for me to know what they felt like. I stopped taking every supplement, including vitamins, and I allowed, observed, and documented my experience day and night. 

I teach and talk about health and wellness a lot. Teaching and talking about perimenopause is a piece of cake because I’ve lived it for twelve years. I learned about it and I understand it as it pertains to my body. Now that the peri phase is winding down and I’m transitioning to the great menopause/postmenopause, I also want to learn about it so I can teach about it and be about it. And for me, one way I’m sure to learn is through my experiences, which is why allowing works for me.

After six weeks of doing nothing about the hot flashes, I was able to describe what my hot flash feels like, identify triggers, and identify/accumulate resources that now provide relief.

Presently, I am down to occasionally, one mild hot flash during the day (knock on wood, don’t wanna jink it) and sometimes none, one mild or at times one intense (lasting for about one minute) hot flash per night. This has been the case since late March/April. I can’t say what will happen in the future. I am staying the course with the sustenance and restorative practices I’m serving my body, and I’ll see what happens. 

Are you experiencing perimenopause or menopause? How do you manage hot flashes if you have them? Would love to learn from you. Do share in the comments below.

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